metro stations as interactive art spaces

Quando: first edition may 2021, second edition 2-10 december 2021, third edition december 2022

Cosa: temporary exhibition of interactive art

Dove: 5 stations of Rome Metro line C

Chi: Fusolab 2.0

1M sotto la Metro ( trad.: One meter under the subway station) is a site and time specific project aimed at involving the audience in an innovative experience that, through contemporary art and new technologies, allows the city spaces and specifically the stops of line C of the Rome Metro railway to be interpreted differently.

A multi-site exhibition, in which interactive art projects animate the subway network by changing the relationship with an everyday environment that is commonly intended as a “nonplace”.The stations of Metro C are "passages" for the next stop, but they also become "gates" to new points of view on the world: new stops in the imagination of the future and the present.

In a nutshell

In the three planned editions of 1MSM, 15 Metro stations will be the location for the exhibit, 5ones for each year, which for 5 days will create a red thread that unites the various areas of Rome through an artistic and shared narration. On the same days, a program of workshops and international artistic projects relating to the role of technologies will take place at Fusolab headquarters.


The first edition of 1MSM took place from 21 to 28 May 2021.

The artistic projects were 5,  exhibited in as many stops of the Metro C.

1 work was selected through a call addressed both to the artists of the city of Rome and to the international ones, and developed a site specific and original project for one of the selected stations.

The other 4 will were chosen from innovative works by artists or artistic collectives belonging to the international contemporary scene.

The second edition of 1MSM will take place from 2 to 10  Dicember 2021.

Artistic program

- explore the boundaries of the present time - 

1 MSM is a  site and time specific exhibition of interactive works,  that are projects in which the active participation of the viewer is essential. Taking into consideration the artistic quality of the dialogue between the level of content and the level of interaction, installations and projects of digital arts and new media are preferred. On a thematic level we are interested in addressing a reflection on the limits of the present time - in reference to the socio-political situation, the implications of the diffusion of new technologies, the relationship between human beings and nature, dreams and needs currently shared globally.